Study: Uninsured Rates for Older Adults will Increase if ACA is Repealed or Medicare Eligibility Age is Raised

On January 24, 2017 the Task Force on America’s Health and Retirement Security, chaired by Marilyn Moon, Ph.D. and led by Principal Investigator Peter Arno, Ph.D., released a new study showing the dramatic negative impact of raising Medicare’s eligibility age to 67 – assessing results on uninsured rates if the ACA stays in place and, what we all fear, if it is repealed.

The study shows the impact for ages 65-66 by gender and race, with all demographic groups showing major percentage increases in uninsured rates – escalating from the current rate of approximately 1% to 18% with the ACA in place, and 30-42% if the ACA is repealed.

Because the political environment is so unpredictable, the study uses the year 2019, half-way through the Trump administration, to provide a snapshot  to help the public understand this complex proposal that is featured in Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s plan, “A Better Way: Health Care.”  As the research by the Actuarial Research Corporation (ARC) shows, it would not be a “better way,” either for the health of America’s seniors or for the financial health of the institutions that provide care for them.