Newsletter - Elder Justice

What “No Harm” Really Means for Residents

Reports indicate that state surveyors cite nursing home deficiencies at a “no harm” scope and severity level 95 percent of the time. Unfortunately, this has a profound impact on a nursing home resident’s quality of care and quality of life. CMS data provide clear evidence that residents are actually being harmed by such deficiencies, despite the misleading “no harm” label.

Elder Justice: What “No Harm” Really Means for Residents is a monthly newsletter published by the Center for Medicare Advocacy and the Long Term Care Community Coalition. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide residents, families, friends, and advocates information on what exactly a “no harm” deficiency is, how prevalent “no harm” deficiencies are, and what “no harm” actually means to residents. We encourage all readers to use the information included in the monthly newsletters to shed light on this largely unknown concern and to advocate for the rights of residents.