Stories About the Value of Medicaid


  1. N.S., Tennessee - Stuff Happens... and Medicaid is a Blessing When it Does
  2. M.P., Connecticut - Medicaid Made Me Feel Like I Could Live a Life Again
  3. H.S., California - Expanded Medicaid Saves Lives

N.S., Tennessee - Stuff Happens... and Medicaid is a Blessing When it Does

My husband… was 38 years old when he started showing symptoms, but was not diagnosed with the disease [Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia] until he was 40. My husband was [initially] misdiagnosed with… schizophrenia, and was treated with medication and the induction of seizures to restart his brain. We went through treatment for 18 months. It took two trips to the Mayo Clinic to finally figure out what was wrong with him.

The increasing amount of medical bills almost bankrupted us. I will be paying off his bills long after Jamie is gone. Not only has this disease been emotionally devastating for my family, it has wiped us out financially as well.

Once Jamie started progressing and getting much worse, I had to hire someone to sit with him during the day while I worked. He quickly became too difficult for his caretakers to handle and I had to place him in a nursing home… I am so thankful that Medicaid pays for his nursing home. I honestly don’t know how I would be able to support my sons if I did not have help. It has truly been a blessing to my family!

M.P., Connecticut - Medicaid Made Me Feel Like I Could Live a Life Again

(As told to the Center)

I found out I had insulin-dependent diabetes when I was in high-school.  Back then, it was lousy, but dealing with it was no big deal – my parents had insurance that covered me.  When I got to college, though, things changed.  I had some coverage through my college years, then, nothing.  If I wasn’t working, I had no health insurance.  No health insurance is not a great place to be if you are a diabetic.  Nowadays, I guess the Affordable Care Act would have been an option in this gap or I could have even stayed on my parents insurance until I was 26.

I wouldn’t even have needed that long – after about a year or so from graduation I managed to find regular work, with good insurance coverage, and had this for many years, until I suffered a series of strokes, and the seizures caused microfractures in my spine.  That was the end of my job, which required standing for hours on end.  Sadly, although I didn’t realize it immediately, it was the end of my working days, as my memory, strength, and reflexes started to go rapidly downhill.

I had insurance through my former job that offered long-term disability, which covered my health care, although expensively, to a point.  When that ran out, I suddenly had nothing, but with help from family and some community resources I got onto the CT Medicaid program, and had regular aide visits and management of my conditions.  I began to have a routine again.  I began to feel like I was living life again … I can’t say enough how much the Medicaid program meant to me, and how it let me feel like I had the support to live my life.

H.S., California - Expanded Medicaid Saves Lives

My son was saved by expanded Medicaid when he developed a fast moving infection, flesh eating disease and quickly received medical help because he finally had insurance.  He did not hesitate to go to the ER which I believe saved his life.