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Medicare Coverage of Power Mobility Devices: Tips and Reminders

Beneficiaries who want Medicare coverage for a Powered Mobility Device (PMD) will be successful provided they can show mobility limitations that impair their ability to engage in Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living (MRADLs), that their use of the PMD will improve their ability to do MRADLs and that the PMD can be used safely within the home.

Important Health Care Lacking for Older People

Older Americans are not getting six key preventive services or appropriate treatment for hypertension that clinical practice guidelines indicate they generally should receive, according to two studies recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Myths About Nursing Home Tort Reforms

The Center for Medicare Advocacy performed a study entitled Tort Reform and Nursing Homes that deflates the myths that pervade the nursing home industry’s discussion of tort litigation. It found that cases about nursing home abuses are not frivolous.

Important Provisions Reinstated In Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility Regulations

In July,1998 revisions were made to the federal regulations which made significant changes to the Medicare skilled nursing facility level-of-care requirements.

The Medicare Prospective Payment System (SNF)

Until July, 1998, nursing homes used to be reimbursed for care provided to Medicare Part A-covered residents residing in Medicare-certified beds through a retrospective cost-based system. The Balanced Budget Act mandated a prospective per diem rate for the Medicare SNF benefit.

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