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Leading Medicare Advocates Voice Opposition to Graham-Cassidy Bill

Leading Medicare Advocates Voice Opposition to Graham-Cassidy Bill — Letter Urges Senators to Oppose Block Grants and Medicaid Per-Capita Caps.

New Partnership for Health Care with Support from RRF

The Center for Medicare Advocacy and Medicare Rights Center Develop New Partnership with Support from The Retirement Research Foundation; Organizations team up to protect and strengthen the health coverage and financial security of older adults and people with disabilities.

“Jimmo” Corrective Action Plan Completed

As ordered by the federal judge in Jimmo v. Sebelius, CMS published a new webpage containing important information about the Jimmo Settlement on its website

Court Certifies Nationwide Class in “Observation Status” Case

Decision in Alexander v. Price "Observation Status" case means Medicare patients could gain the right to appeal placement on “Observation Status” and avoid large medical bills.

Center for Medicare Advocacy Statement on Senate Failure to Pass ACA Repeal

The failure of the Senate to pass the so-called ‘skinny’ ACA repeal, coupled with the failure of previous bills that would have gutted Medicaid, undermined Medicare, and left millions uninsured, is a well-earned, if temporary, victory for health care advocates and families all over the country.

Senate Votes to Continue Attack on Health Care

While it still unclear what mystery bill(s) the Senate will actually vote on, all of the options under consideration would have devastating consequences for millions of people with health insurance coverage.

Health Care is Under Assault – CBO Score for AHCA, Trump Budget and ACA Sabotage

Health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medicare and Medicaid is under assault. The Congressional Budget Office finally released its estimate regarding the devastating impact of the AHCA bill that passed the House earlier this month. Now a select group of Senators is considering its own version of AHCA, also seeking to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration released a proposed budget that would all but destroy Medicaid.

More Than 75 National Organizations Urge U.S. Senate to Defend Medicare and Medicaid

More than 75 national organizations sent a letter to Senate leadership today, urging them to reject the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

House Passes American Health Care Act

By four votes, the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) today, a bill that guts the Affordable Care Act (ACA), decimates Medicaid, and undermines Medicare. This is not a health care bill.

ACA Repeal Bill Keeps Getting Worse – Congress Must Reject It Today

On March 20, a bad bill - the AHCA - got worse. It would lead to 24 million people losing coverage, increase costs for individuals and yield $187 billion LESS in savings.

American Health Care Act (AHCA): A Repeal and Regress Plan

Instead of providing meaningful improvement to ACA, this proposed bill represents a regression to the less secure, pre-ACA health insurance environment.

100 National Organizations Urge Congress to Reject Radical Changes to Medicaid

Recent proposals put forward in Congress would completely restructure Medicaid’s finances, eligibility, and availability, leading to fewer people covered, fewer services available, and higher health care costs for low-income families.

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