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Shopping for Nursing Homes More Tricky in Trump Era

In November, CMS exempted nursing homes that violate new patient safety rules from financial penalties for 18 months. In June, it proposed to reverse an Obama administration rule prohibiting clauses in residents’ contracts requiring them to use arbitration to settle disputes rather than go to court.

“The industry sees this administration as a real golden opportunity to get what it wants,” said Toby Edelman, senior policy attorney at the Center for Medicare Advocacy (CMA), a nonprofit group that

Taxes and the Safety Net

Make no mistake, says Center Executive Director Judith Stein, the tax cuts for corporations and wealthy people that Congress is determined to pass will lead to major cuts to health and economic security for the rest of us.

Connecticut Health Advocates Sound The Alarm Over GOP Tax Bill

“In the immediate future you will hear, we cannot afford Medicare, we cannot afford Medicaid, we cannot afford Social Security act," she said. "That’s the second step in this dance.”

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Statement on Passage of Devastating Tax Bill

Today’s passage of the Tax Cut bill puts the 57 million older adults and people with disabilities who rely on Medicare, and their families, at risk.

Advocacy Organizations Opposed to Congressional Tax Plan

Letters reiterate the organizations’ strong opposition to any tax bill that would put at risk both health care and long-term care for older adults and people with disabilities.

More than 40 Organizations Join Together in Opposition to Senate’s Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Letter expresses the organizations’ strong opposition to tax bills that would diminish health and long-term care availability and affordability for older adults and people with disabilities.


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Alert – Spotlight on Medicare Home Health Care; Tax Cuts Set Stage for Medicare/Medicaid Cuts; ACA News

CMA Alert - Medicare Home Health Coverage is Not a Short-Term, Acute Care Benefit ─ Congress Acted in 1980 to Provide for Longer-Term Coverage; Final Home Health Rules and Interpretive Guidance: Proposed Payment Model Rescinded; Advocates Oppose House Tax Cuts Bill that Would Set the Stage for Deep Cuts to Medicare & Other Programs; This Week in Sabotage – and Some Good News!

CMA Alert – Open Enrollment Tips; ACA Sabotage; More

CMA Alert - Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Begins October 15: Look Before You Leap; This Week in ACA Sabotage; Breast Cancer Awareness Month; International Day of Older Persons

CMA Alert – Joint Replacement Model Undermines Care; OTC Hearing Aids Legislation Passed; More

CMA Alert - Joint Replacement Model Undermines Care; OTC Hearing Aids Legislation Passed; Severe Harm if ACA Cost-Sharing Payments End


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Tax Cuts and Cuts to Medicare & the Social Compact

Most people and families won’t benefit from these tax cuts. Yet most will be harmed by the spending cuts needed to pay for them. Instead of gutting the social compact Americans rely on, Congress should work to pass true tax reform that helps all Americans and invests in a better future for everyone.

Tax Cut Bill Just Got Worse. Health Care at Risk.

Congress’ rushed effort to push through a massive tax cut for corporations and the wealthy presents a clear and present danger to health coverage, other vital programs, and families throughout the country.

Medicare Home Health Coverage is Not a Short-Term, Acute Care Benefit Congress Acted to in 1980 to Provide for Longer-Term Coverage

Medicare home health coverage is often erroneously described as a short-term, acute care benefit. This is not true. Although it may be implemented in this way, under the law people who meet the threshold qualifying criteria (legally homebound and needing skilled care), are eligible for Medicare home health coverage so long as they need skilled care.

CMA Comments, Responses, and Letters

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Center Comments on the HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the law of the land and must be fully implemented. All efforts to undermine the law must cease, including through the regulatory process.

Center Comments on Revised Policies Regarding Immediate Imposition of Federal Remedies

We strongly oppose the changes indicated in the Survey and Certification Letter published on October 27, 2017 (S&C: 18-01-NH).

Center Comments on Innovation Center New Direction

Our comments primarily address guiding principles, and the question of appropriate models for CMMI support. The comments are informed by our work with Medicare beneficiaries.