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Taxes and the Safety Net

Make no mistake, says Center Executive Director Judith Stein, the tax cuts for corporations and wealthy people that Congress is determined to pass will lead to major cuts to health and economic security for the rest of us.

Connecticut Health Advocates Sound The Alarm Over GOP Tax Bill

“In the immediate future you will hear, we cannot afford Medicare, we cannot afford Medicaid, we cannot afford Social Security act," she said. "That’s the second step in this dance.”

The Right Way to Choose a Medicare Plan During Open Enrollment

“Consumers really need to look beyond the premiums to understand their total out-of-pocket costs,” says David Lipschutz, senior policy attorney at the Center for Medicare Advocacy, a national nonprofit organization.

To understand the true cost of your plan, add up what you will likely pay in deductibles and copays, which can offset any savings in premiums. Use your benefits statements and medical bills for the past year as a guide.

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Leading Medicare Advocates Voice Opposition to Graham-Cassidy Bill

Leading Medicare Advocates Voice Opposition to Graham-Cassidy Bill — Letter Urges Senators to Oppose Block Grants and Medicaid Per-Capita Caps.

New Partnership for Health Care with Support from RRF

The Center for Medicare Advocacy and Medicare Rights Center Develop New Partnership with Support from The Retirement Research Foundation; Organizations team up to protect and strengthen the health coverage and financial security of older adults and people with disabilities.

“Jimmo” Corrective Action Plan Completed

As ordered by the federal judge in Jimmo v. Sebelius, CMS published a new webpage containing important information about the Jimmo Settlement on its website


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Alert – Spotlight on Medicare Home Health Care; Tax Cuts Set Stage for Medicare/Medicaid Cuts; ACA News

CMA Alert - Medicare Home Health Coverage is Not a Short-Term, Acute Care Benefit ─ Congress Acted in 1980 to Provide for Longer-Term Coverage; Final Home Health Rules and Interpretive Guidance: Proposed Payment Model Rescinded; Advocates Oppose House Tax Cuts Bill that Would Set the Stage for Deep Cuts to Medicare & Other Programs; This Week in Sabotage – and Some Good News!

CMA Alert – Open Enrollment Tips; ACA Sabotage; More

CMA Alert - Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Begins October 15: Look Before You Leap; This Week in ACA Sabotage; Breast Cancer Awareness Month; International Day of Older Persons

CMA Alert – Joint Replacement Model Undermines Care; OTC Hearing Aids Legislation Passed; More

CMA Alert - Joint Replacement Model Undermines Care; OTC Hearing Aids Legislation Passed; Severe Harm if ACA Cost-Sharing Payments End


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New Medicare Payment Model Puts People Who Need Home Care in Jeopardy

Recent regulations issued by CMS would discriminate against patients with chronic conditions, threaten access care in rural and undeserved areas, and cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the Medicare home health program.

Looking to Medicare as a Model for Health Care Coverage? Improve Medicare First.

When looking to expand access to health care coverage, it’s natural to look to Medicare, but before moving more people into Medicare, it needs to be improved and simplified.

Time to Renew, Not Repeal or Retreat!

Repealing ACA threatens access to health coverage and Medicaid for 20 million people, reduces Medicare prescription drug coverage, reduces Medicare preventive benefits, and decreases the long-term solvency of the Medicare program.

CMA Comments, Responses, and Letters

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Joint Statement from Center for Medicare Advocacy and Medicare Rights Center on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

We have significant concerns with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This massive tax cut for the wealthy sets the stage for deep cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security in the near future.

Center Comments on Proposed Home Health Payment Rules

The Center agrees with the proposed rule that the current payment system is not aligned with patient needs. However, we urge CMS to exercise caution before continuing to impose rebasing case-mix adjustments that are severely skewed by “usage data” that does not accurately represent patient needs.

Disaster Preparedness and Response: The Special Needs of Older Americans

Nursing facilities have an obligation to ensure the well-being of their residents, some of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Disaster and emergency preparedness is certainly an essential responsibility for keeping residents safe.